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Those who don’t know what Roku is, it is a platform that allows the viewers to watch free and paid video content on the TV via the internet. There are tv and movie streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and many others which are downloaded on the Roku devices that is similar to how a user might download apps and watch streaming videos. The content available on the Roku website is pre-recorded and then you can easily activate the Roku streaming app from the official All you need is the Roku activation code that is required for the activation of the Roku stream app to take place.

For all the Roku devices, there is a step by step Roku installation and setup guide in this article. Before you purchase a Roku device, you should know the essentials such as Roku express and streaming stick+. So, if you are in search of the best Roku gadgets to purchase then you can visit the activation page. This article will get to know the insights of Roku devices and how they work for you. So, let us start the topic and get meaningful insights from the same.

Notable features of Roku com link

  • It enables the viewers to watch multiple Roku channels along with live streaming videos.
  • It is very much easy for the users to purchase a monthly subscription and change everything according to the convenience.
  • With excellent picture quality, it supports the HD, 4k, and videos in HDR format.
  • The Roku device offers a high-speed network with a single band and dual-band.
  • You can choose the voice remote as appropriate settings.
  • It comes with Micros SD and USB port.
  • The Roku streaming app is compatible with mobile devices.
  • It comes with a Roku search feature that makes it easier to search your favorite channels.
  • There is a feature available for gaming buttons that you can use to play games.
  • It enables users to listen to your favorite music and tunes.
  • There is a Roku feed feature to get the latest update along with other price changing news.

Prerequisites before you selectively choose the Roku device

  • Just wait for the latest deals and offers available on the device.
  • You need to analyze the features and other specifications of the model you are going to purchase.
  • Choose the device that will offer you a low cost and an affordable price.
  • Just check if the device is compatible to make the connection with the TV model that you own.
  • Make sure you get in touch with the service provider to activate the Roku device properly.

How to login to the Roku account to access the Roku channels?

  1. Go to the official sign in or log in to the Roku page and use the Roku account credentials that you have made.
  2. Make sure you use the registered credentials when prompted on-screen.
  3. Now, go to the my Roku sign-in page and collect the Roku activation code.
  4. Just make sure that if you have not received the activation code just go to the player section.
  5. Note down the Activation Code that is visible on-screen.

What are the steps to create Roku.Com/Link Account without using a Credit Card?

  1. For this, just follow the steps to create an account and skip the credit card when you see the payment window.
  2. Quickly tap on the “Skip” tab and you will be redirected to the new page.
  3. After this set the Roku pin to access account and prevent the unauthorized message to purchase channel if prompted.
  4. Now, you have to go to the Channel store to search for your favorite Roku channels.
  5. All you need to do is follow the on-screen instructions if visible on-screen.

How to activate Roku using the Roku activation code?

  1. Tap on the “Home” button and turn on the Roku streaming device.
  2. Just connect the Roku device with WIFI.
  3. After this, launch the TV screen and you will get the “Roku activation code”.
  4. Open the web browser and type URL that will enable the “Roku device activation”.
  5. On the webpage, enter the Activation Code with the credentials linked with the Roku account.
  6. Your Roku activation is now completed.

What are the Roku activation issues when Roku not working?

There are some of the common reasons that create the issues in the Roku activation process and these are listed below:

  • Poor or no internet connection that will lead to incomplete Roku activation.
  • Old tv and not the upgraded one to connect with the Roku device.
  • The home secure network is not secure and the computer is virus infected.
  • There are temporary internet connection issues.

How to fix the “Roku not working” error?

If you see not working then follow the steps given below:

  1. First of all, check the authenticity of the webpage that claims to be roku.
  2. Now, use a secured and a network with good speed to completed the Roku activation.
  3. Do not worry if you are unable to see error codes and its blank on-screen.
  4. You need to use the valid credentials associated with the account to login to the Roku page.
  5. After this, you need to verify the Roku settings and reset the settings if there is a change to make.
  6. Remember, the replacement of the device is just an alternate option to be considered.
  7. You can print a network test page for the verification of the Network status along with the settings.

To sum up:

In the end, we just hope that this article has given all the Roku users some meaningful briefs to access and manage the Roku device. However, if you wish to know more about Roku streaming devices then we strongly advise you to refer the recent articles along with connected blogs which can help you to learn the basics required for Roku device setup, purchase, activation, fixing up errors and much more. Remember, you can always reach the customer support team via the official website to resolve your related queries.