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For the uninterrupted setup of your Roku device, navigating to the URL is one of the basic requirements. But prior to learning the setup process which includes installing and activating it, we shall learn about how Roku is changing our entertainment perspective. This informative document enlists some of the useful and interesting features of Roku along with the complete setup process. With Roku by your side, you can stream your favorite shows from platforms such as NetflixAmazonHuluPrime VideoRoku Channel, and so on.

Key features of

  1. 01) With the Roku com link, users can easily get started using their Roku devices.
  2. 02) Apart from this, the link allows you to activate your Roku within a few minutes.
  3. 03) Once you set up your Roku using the code, you can binge-watch multiple channels.
  4. 04) In addition to this, after activation, you can stream your favorite video and live content.
  5. 05) After the completion of activation, you can purchase a monthly subscription of your choice.
  6. 06) You can also customize the settings after logging in to your account from this link.

Some pre-requisites for Roku activation

  1. 01) You must have adequate knowledge about the latest plans and offers to know which plan works for you.
  2. 02) Also, you must be well-equipped with the model and device specification for hassle-free activation.
  3. 03) Users should know which plan and subscription they wish to purchase and which one will fulfill their entertainment needs.
  4. 04) You should choose one of the Roku devices which is cost-effective.
  5. 05) Make sure you have access to the user manual which came along with your device.
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How to activate Roku from

  1. 01) Press the Home button to power on your Roku TV and streaming device.
  2. 02) Using a WiFi router, connect it to the internet and launch your TV screen.
  3. 03) Now, you will see the code on your screen.
  4. 04) Click on the activation link i.e. present below it.
  5. 05) On the resulting page, you need to enter the code which you noted earlier.
  6. 06) Login to your account, when prompted and your device will be activated.

Roku activation issues/ Roku not working

  • 01) If your Roku device is not properly connected to the internet, it is sure to get activation issues.
  • 02) In case your TV is an older model TV that does not support new devices, then you won’t be able to use Roku on it.
  • 03) There is a possibility that your home network is not secure.
  • 04) In case your computer is corrupted with a virus, then also you will face activation issues.
  • 05) There is a temporary internet server error or a problem in establishing a connection.
  • 06) You might be visiting the wrong webpage or entering the code incorrectly.

How to Update your Roku account without Credit Card?

  1. 01) First of all, you need to go to the Roku com link URL from your smartphone.
  2. 02) After that, enter the requested information such as First Name, Surname, e-mail, and password.
  3. 03) Further, you need to read through the license agreement and click ‘Accept’.
  4. 04) Now, you will be redirected to the payment gateway.
  5. 05) Here, you need to select the ‘Payment method’ as well as ‘Billing address’.
  6. 06) If you do not have your credit card, select the ‘Add later’ option.

You need to add your credit card details as soon as you are prompted for it the next time. This is necessary in case you wish to buy a Roku subscription from your create account. In case you don’t do so, you won’t be able to continue streaming your favorite shows in the future.

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